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Cori L. McGuire Law Corporation offers compassionate and thorough parenting coordination services to help all BC families navigate the complex and stressful process of co-parenting. We have 25 years of family law and 15 years of parenting coordination experience providing personalized help to both parents to ensure that decisions are made in the best interests of the children. We are dedicated to helping families create and sustain effective communication and healthy relationships. *Cori L. McGuire also represents family law clients in court, mediates, arbitrates, interviews children for the courts and provides s. 211 Reports.

Education and Coaching Role

Cori L. McGuire Law Corporation works to assist families with disputes related to all types of parenting issues. We have developed a system over the past 15 years of PC work that produces results.  The first step after the family violence screen is for the parents and the PC to co-create a Communication Agreement, the foundation of all future communication.  PC fees will be reapportioned for breaches of the Communication Agreement at the discretion of the PC to encourage respectful communication for all participants. Cori educates, provides available resources including case law and legislation, and assists with referrals to experts and therapists as required. 



Cori assists parents with further education, coaching and negotiation when they cannot resolve a parenting issue despite attempting to do so themselves.  Cori often uses "shuttle mediation", by speaking on the phone with each parent to obtain their perspective on the issue, and then she helps each parent with email communication to the other parent that includes several options for resolution.  PC work starts where the parents are at, and builds on the basic expectation of respectful co-parenting written communication.  Most issues are resolved by consensus and the PC uses her legal drafting skills to quickly provide the parents with signed written agreements that they can rely on and enforce.  Parents can mediate any child issue with a PC, including international travel. 


If issues remain outstanding after coaching, education, negotiation and mediation, the parties will prepare submissions for a written Determination.  PCs are governed by the Family Law Act and Regulations, requiring no determinations on issues like changing an Order for guardianship, parental responsibilities, substantially changing parenting time or contact, or relocation.  For liability concerns around child abduction, the PC will not make a determiniation regarding international travel consent. 

A Determination follows the rules of natural justice, with each parent having notice of the issue and an understanding of the rules when they make their submissions.  The PC will make a written decision in the best interests of the children that can be filed in the Court and enforced as if it was an Order.  The process is usually much more affordable, private, and low stress than returning to court, and court might not resolve these issues.  Cori has the leisure of time to ponder the best decision and alternatives, with the benefit of 25 years of experience and training focused in family law.  Helping families reach resolutions with minimal stress and expense is in everyone’s best interest. 


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About us

My name is Cori McGuire and I am the founder of Cori L. McGuire Law Corporation, a boutique family law firm located in Kelowna, BC for over 25 years. I specialize in helping families who are dealing with difficult parenting issues. I firmly believe that every family has the right to receive the support and guidance they need to work through their differences in a peaceful and productive manner.  At Cori L. McGuire Law Corporation, I strive to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for families to express their concerns and feelings. I understand that the needs of each family are unique and I work to identify the specific needs of each family. I use various dispute resolution techniques to help families come to a resolution that is in the best interests of their children. I provide mediation and arbitration services to help parents navigate and resolve the complexities of separation, divorce and parenting issues. In addition, I offer parent education and coaching, referring to experts and therapitsts as required, to help parents learn how to co-parent effectively. My goal is to ensure that each family is supported in every way possible to ensure the best outcomes for the children involved.